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Welcome in the twilight of the moon! This is the English Version of angelneko's Lunatic World. (I hope eveything is understandable translated...)
Expore a fascinating world of artificial life. The world of Norns Ettins and Grendels. A lot of pictures, tips and downloads will await you here. Just look around!

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Sunny - C3/DS Toy


25.11.2007 - The Werewolf Norns, a new genetical breed!

15.09.2007 - A few new Creatuers and a new Agent
*Sunny a new toy agent for DS only
*1 new DS-Norn at the Coloful Garden
*2 new DS-Norns at the Misty Lake
*1 new DS-Norn at the Deep Forest
*2 new DS-Norns at the Shadowcave
*3 new DS-Norns at Cloud 7

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